HDMI Type A cable for 3D and 4K Ultra HD

High-speed cable with Type A male connectors for Ethernet connection, supports 4K Ultra HD resolution, 3 m long
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    Enjoy an immersive audio-video experience with this HDMI cable for high resolution.

    The cable has two HDMI Type A male connectors that support Ethernet, 3D and 4K Ultra HD connections.

    Connect devices like Smart TV, PC or amplifier to consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, Blu-ray DVD player or satellite decoder. Sound and image reproduction will always be excellent.

    The anti-kink protection and the soft-touch finish ensure durability and optimal use in every situation.


    • HDMI Type A male connectors
    • Supports Ethernet, 3D, and 4K Ultra HD connections
    • Anti-kink finish
    • Length: 3 m
    Technical data
    Cable length:
    3 m
    Audio data:
    Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Digital Plus, True HD, 32 Audio Ch.
    Connector 2:
    HDMI Male
    Connector 1:
    HDMI Male
    Audio frequency:
    Up to 1536 kHz
    Deep Color:
    30/36/48 bit Pixel color depth
    3840x2160 (24/25/30/50/60 Hz) - 4096x2160 (24 Hz)
    Amount Master:
    Width Pack:
    150 mm.
    Height Master:
    350 mm.
    Height Inner:
    120 mm.
    Height Pack:
    190 mm.
    Width Inner:
    160 mm.
    Weight Inner:
    1105 g.
    Weight Master:
    9610 g.
    Width Master:
    350 mm.
    Depth Pack:
    50 mm.
    Amount Inner:
    Depth Inner:
    310 mm.
    Weight Pack:
    165 g.
    Depth Master:
    530 mm.
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