Payment methods

1. The goods can be paid by credit card or using the PayPal system.
Payments are accepted from the following credit card providers: VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

2. Payments by credit card are disciplined by the regulations adopted by the individual credit card providers.

3. The details of the credit card for payments made directly by Visa, Master Card or American Express and for those carried out using the PayPal system are not visible to SBS S.p.A.
Credit card data are processed directly by the provider and are protected against unauthorised access by SSL (Secure So-cket Layer) encrypted data transfer.All current browsers support SSL cryptography. The data is not accessible to third parties, nor to SBS S.p.A.

4. Payments by credit card: shipment of the order shall take place only subsequent to verification of the Customer's credit card information, carried out by SBS S.p.A. with the bank, and subsequent to receipt of the authorisation to debit said credit card. The debit to the Customer's credit card only takes place subsequent to the despatch of the relative order.

5. Payment with electronic money via the PayPal service: the electronic money payment mode via the PayPal service is subject to the limits indicated from time to time in the purchase procedure, which the Customer must follow for sending the order. For this payment system, the Customer must open a PayPal account and accept the rules of the relative service. SBS accepts payment only from Customers registered with the Italian PayPal site. The amount of the order shall be debited to the Customer's PayPal account after confirmation of the order by SBS. The product purchased shall be delivered after verification of the transfer of the purchase price to the SBS PayPal account. Any reimbursements to the Customer shall again be carried out by SBS to the PayPal account based on the procedures set by the PayPal service. A confirmation e-mail shall be sent by PayPal for every transaction carried out.

6. SBS refuses all responsibility for any fraudulent and unlawful use of credit cards by third parties at the time of paying for products purchased through the website. In any case, SBS reserves the right to cancel the transaction in the case of suspected fraudulent use of credit cards and to request further information and/or documentation without which it reserves the right to refuse payments.

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