A focus on technological progress and customer satisfaction, an innovative spirit and know-how are key values that led to the creation of Ekon Home Partner, the brand specialising in the development of home technology and consumer electronics accessories for the home.

Why Home Partner?
Ekon is the tech friendly partner that accompanies us in our daily lives by simplifying TV, audio-video and PC connections. Our needs, as well as technological trends, are constantly and rapidly evolving: this is why our teams carry out constant market analysis to provide increasingly tailored solutions.

A category for every need

- Audio, video, IT cables
- Sockets and adapters
- TV wall mounts
- Universal and dedicated remote controls
- Hubs and network cables
- Cleaning products

Ekon is sustainable
We want to bring added value to our consumers while looking to the future and respecting the environment. That is why our products have sustainable packaging, made of paper, with the aim of completely eliminating plastic, reducing packaging material and facilitating disposal.

Connecting has never been easier.

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