HDMI male cable v 2.0 with Ethernet to DisplayPort, 4k

Cable with HDMI and DisplayPort male connectors, Ethernet function, 1.8 m long
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    This HDMI cable v 2.0allows you to connect your PC or MacBook to a second screen. The DisplayPort male connector is designed for all devices such as monitors or TVs that support this technology.

    Thanks to HDMI connectivity, the signal is transmitted rapidly to the connected devices. The video resolution (4k) and audio quality is excellent. 

    The DisplayPort connector also has an Ethernet function, which means you can share an internet connection between multiple devices.

    The cable is practical and versatile, and adapts well to tight spaces: 180 cm long, it is equipped with anti-kink protection.


    • HDMI male connector
    • DisplayPort male connector with Ethernet function
    • Length: 1.8 m
    • Anti-kink protection
    • video resolution: 4k
    Technical data
    anti-fold protection
    Cable length:
    1,8 m
    Audio data:
    Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Digital Plus, True HD, 32 Audio Ch.
    Connector 2:
    display port
    Connector 1:
    HDMI Male
    HDMI 2.0 / Bandwidth 340 MHz/18 Gbps
    Deep Color:
    30/36/48 bit Pixel color depth
    3840x2160 (24/25/30/50/60 Hz) - 4096x2160 (24 Hz)
    Amount Master:
    Width Pack:
    110 mm.
    Height Master:
    260 mm.
    Height Inner:
    240 mm.
    Height Pack:
    200 mm.
    Width Inner:
    110 mm.
    Weight Inner:
    720 g.
    Weight Master:
    6425 g.
    Width Master:
    340 mm.
    Depth Pack:
    40 mm.
    Amount Inner:
    Depth Inner:
    170 mm.
    Weight Pack:
    110 g.
    Depth Master:
    480 mm.
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