Spiral audio cable with 90° jack, 0.75m

Spiral audio cable with two 3.5mm male jacks at 90° angle, length 0.75m
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    The spiral audio cable with 90° jack connectors is ideal for connecting your headphones to your smartphone, laptop or MP3 player.

    This accessory's wire can stretch up to 75cm to ensure comfortable use. The 3.5mm male jack connectors have a 90° angle for use in confined spaces.

    The resulting sound is always optimal.


    • 2 x 3.5mm male jack connectors with 90° angle
    • Spiral cable
    • Length: 75cm
    Technical data
    Cable type:
    Spiral cable
    Inclined at 90⁰
    Cable length:
    0,75 m
    Connector 2:
    Jack 3.5 mm Male
    Connector 1:
    Jack 3,5 mm Male
    Amount Master:
    Width Pack:
    40 mm.
    Height Master:
    260 mm.
    Height Inner:
    220 mm.
    Height Pack:
    214 mm.
    Width Inner:
    110 mm.
    Weight Inner:
    320 g.
    Weight Master:
    2750 g.
    Width Master:
    380 mm.
    Depth Pack:
    102 mm.
    Amount Inner:
    Depth Inner:
    210 mm.
    Weight Pack:
    42 g.
    Depth Master:
    440 mm.
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