Screen spray with cloth

250 ml screen cleaning spray with cloth included
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    Clean the screens on all your devices with the 250 ml spray .

    This canister contains a liquid that removes stains and prevents halation . Using the included microfibre cloth, you can remove dirt from televisions, computers and smartphones.

    Turn off your device and apply a small amount of liquid on the cloth: just a few wipes will make your devices shine again.


    • Size: 250 ml
    • Microfibre cloth included


    Warnings : keep out of reach of children. The detergent may cause allergic reactions. In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor. If swallowed consult a doctor. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused due to improper use of the product.

    Technical data
    Type of nozzle:
    Included accessories:
    Microfiber cloth
    260 g.
    Amount Master:
    Width Pack:
    50 mm.
    Height Master:
    260 mm.
    Height Inner:
    230 mm.
    Height Pack:
    200 mm.
    Width Inner:
    210 mm.
    Weight Inner:
    6465 g.
    Weight Master:
    13575 g.
    Width Master:
    270 mm.
    Depth Pack:
    50 mm.
    Amount Inner:
    Depth Inner:
    270 mm.
    Weight Pack:
    310 g.
    Depth Master:
    430 mm.
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